Maya Valencia is a graphic designer, editor, and publisher based in New York City. She previously worked at Wkshps and Synoptic Office, and is the co-creator of Phase Zero.

Short Essay Composed of 7 Parts

Part 1

by Maya Valencia

I walk to Tompkins Square Park to remind myself of the color black but I remember the color red I felt in summer 2021.

The city speaks to me and I speak back. 

I hear you beautifully, my dear. Tell me to put on my glasses, my dear. They are rose colored and my sweat is blood. But my roses are blue now, my dear. I wear them on my collarbones for everyone to see. Shatter my glasses, I beg of you. And gouge out my goo goo eyeballs. The pain is searing stinging burning but my screams are full of pleasure. The ageless pursuit of seeing excites me. I am blind I am holy I am mixing memory with desire. My dear you are not like the rest.

Snap out of it.

You are infectious, I was infected. I was dead, now reborn. I put up my middle finger.

I get drinks with a friend. We exchange epiphanies:
She tells me: I am young, I am beautiful. I tell her: I want to booze, I want to fuck.