Maya Valencia is a graphic designer, editor, and publisher based in New York City. She previously worked at Wkshps and Synoptic Office, and is the co-creator of Phase Zero.

Co-creator, co-editor, and production of Phase Zero, an open submission magazine documenting the DIY scene in New York City
(with Sydney Maggin)

Book design for Kill Two Birds With One Stone, extract an idiom—how does language change connotation through different contexts of media and time?

Exhibition identity with Wkshps for Vera List Center Forum 2023 *Correction’s proppaNOW: There Goes the Neighbourhood! 
(designed with Chris Wu and Nazli Ercan)

Editorial design for PAURO—META, a print publication exploring insects and absurdity

Book design with Wkshps for Nicholas Hall’s The Hub of the World: Art in Eighteenth-Century Rome
(designed with Chris Wu, Nazli Ercan and Isabelle Tan)